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Retirement Focused

Ross and his Financial Advocates team are dedicated to helping make your retirement more financially healthy and enjoyable.  We've found that retiree planning is an area of specialty and requires attention to complex, often interrelated issues. By taking the time to explore and review these details, and go through the critical retirement planning process, we've found to be instrumental in helping clients pursue a secure retirement. 

The financial decisions we face when entering or preparing for retirement are some of the most important decisions in our lives. They should never be taken lightly, and this is never a time for guesswork, or relying on hunches or less-than expert sources. It is very important to get these decisions right the first time.  Which is why our clients have really come to value our advice, as we have developed considerable specialty in this area.

When it comes to these crucial decisions involving pensions, social security strategy, and establishing portfolio distributions, the work we do can make a critical difference.  By working together we can bring confidence in a well planned retirement.