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A conversation with Ross

What is it that motivates you to serve clients?

"That would be our ability to make a meaningful difference in my client's lives.  It is imperative that investors make solid financial decisions.  With our continually changing financial landscape, and the decreasing number of employee pensions, it is more and more challenging for today's investors to figure out how to retire.  The need for experienced, professional advice and guidance is larger than ever, so we've positioned our firm to provide a high level of service to retirees"

Why do you focus on retirees?

"When we began working with retirees, we'd often hear from them that they just weren't getting this level of service elsewhere, the kind of thorough planning and advice to give them a strong confidence in their retirement security.  So with this focus our practice has naturally grown, largely through referrals from existing clients"

How would you describe your philosophy or operating principles? 

"We believe in serving and acting only in the client's best interest, and further, maintaining a duty as a fiduciary to do so.  We believe in thorough communications, honesty, and transparency in all client communication and recommendations."

"With respect to investment advice and planning, we are careful to only use conservative assumptions in modelling for all future projections, so as to avoid "rose colored glasses"syndrome, or over-promising some result.  Thus our strategies are well-grounded with solid, credible data and assumptions, which is the best way to maintain integrity in our relationships.  

What is it that brings the most satisfaction to you as a Wealth Manager?

"Having been in this business for 25 years, it is undoubtedly the pleasure of working closely with clients and helping them figure out retirement and helping reach other goals.  And then when I see them living the retirement they envisioned, whether it's travelling the world, taking their motor-home across the U.S., or fulfilling their philanthropic intentions, whatever it might be, it bring incredible satisfaction to my heart.   

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